Comment acheter un ordinateur Mac ou MacBook remis à neuf

Apple's Macs aren't cheap. Buying a premium, elegantly crafted machine comes with a price, and many are willing to shell out the big bucks, whether it's for the newest iMac or the powerhouse M1 MacBook Pros.

But if you want a Mac but just can't pay the hefty price, then a refurbished Mac is your next best option. Here is everything you need to know about buying a refurbished Mac, whether it's through Apple or another retailer.




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What does refurbished actually mean?

Buying a refurbished Mac is different than buying a used, resold 1. With the latter, owners are simply reselling their Mac with any existing problems it may have. Think of this scenario as buying a used car from a stranger. You really don't know what you're getting into problem-wise until you fire it up and after your wallet is drained.

Refurbished is different. The Mac is still pre-owned, but it was returned to a professional because of an issue or traded in for a newer model. Any malfunctioning parts are replaced, the product is tested to ensure everything works, and it's repackaged for resale. Think of this scenario as buying a used car from a dealership.

In both cases, the Mac is sold at a discount. However, refurbished Macs are often just as good as new ones, saving you money. A used Mac sold by a stranger may end up costing you more in the end.

Apple manages its own refurbished store, complete with its Certified Refurbished designation. Trained professionals ensure every device functions properly before putting it up for sale. The store offers the highest quality, so you're essentially getting a machine that barely differs from its on-the-shelf counterpart. It's a great instant-discount option when shopping for a new Mac.

A caveat applies, however, in that it's unusual to find current-generation Macs that have been refurbished, given that they likely haven't been returned. Typically, new products are on the market for at least a few months before any refurbished models appear. When they do, they're quickly snapped up.

The greatest range of products, then, will probably be between one and two years old. Anything newer is extremely difficult to find.

Buying from Apple

Comment remettre son Ordinateur Mac à neuf Apple's Refurbished shop is the place to go if you want to buy a refurbished Mac straight from the manufacturer. With Apple, you know that returned Macs have been inspected, fixed, cleaned, and repackaged by professionals. Apple even backs these products with the same warranty you'd find on a new Mac, and you can further protect your device with AppleCare coverage.

Here are some additional notes to consider:

  • Apple's guarantee: Both pre-owned and once-defective models are available, and Apple guarantees that all products meet Finished Goods testing. However, the discounts on the online store are a bit underwhelming, as the average rate hovers around 15%, which is good but not great. If you're lucky, some discounts can be as high as 25%.
  • Apple refurbishes more than just Macs: Macs and MacBooks are some of the most popular options, but Apple sells refurbished models of just about everything in the company's arsenal, including Apple Watches and iPhones. The website's leftmost menu shows what's available and what isn't, but keep in mind that inventory can change quickly, especially for popular products.
  • New models mean cheaper, last-gen refurbished models: Refurbished items become extremely popular when a new Apple product arrives. Sure, refurbished versions of new products take a while to appear, but potential buyers immediately begin wondering if they can get an older model for a cheaper price, which drives them to seek refurbished products. In other words, availability tends to be scarce and competitive immediately following a major release.
  • Cheaper models tend to be the most in-demand: For example, iPads with just Wi-Fi are hard to find, but those with cellular options are more common.
  • No-cost shipping and returns: You just can't beat free.

Choosing the right vendor

There are options beyond the Apple Store if you're looking to grab a refurbished Mac. Many third-party vendors -- including Amazon and Best Buy -- specialize in refurbishing. These stores don't always offer products refurbished by Apple. Instead, they have in-house technicians that specialize in Mac repair. Even more, these stores offer their own guarantee and, at times, better discounts than Apple.

Trust is paramount here. Don't just type a search into eBay and look for the best possible prices -- that's a quick route to scams and disappointment. Instead, look for quality brands that offer well-reviewed refurbished items. Some of the more common retailers include:


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